2014 River Regatta!


The River Regatta party in Bullhead, NV is a floating epicenter 7 years running. People come out in the thousands armed with their favorite party float and life vest for the 3-4 hour float down the Colorado River.


Every year there is a theme and a contest for the best decorated float! Last year’s theme was Mardigras. Last year the float was in August. The site opens in April and we will be keeping an eye on the development to post you information. Are YOU interested in attending this year’s River Regatta party???

this is the website with will be updating with this year’s event news and links for hotels etc.

What is a Party Float ???

This is the most common question I hear when I tell people about my website. THIS is a party float! We are going to showcase all kinds of inflatables on our website but we are featuring these fun, group floats for every size party and occasion.

We went to the 2014 Traffic and Conversion Summit at the Manchester Hyatt in San Diego last week and rubbed elbows with the ELITE in internet marketing. For a few girls with a little passion and a GREAT niche we are excited to be meeting these really successful bright and FUN group of people that hack out the big bucks! If you are into selling things online this is a great resource. I am sure I will be referring to the leaders of this conference in the future as I expand into different internet arenas like podcasting, youtube and video sharing. If you have got to make videos, what is more fun than party floats?!?!

Thank you for reading my blog and I ENCOURAGE you to interact with me! Any questions, comments, or REQUESTS on what you would like to hear about from floats, activities, to starting your own business online internet marketing. We are just starting out, but I am learning this is a community that shares and learns from each other and is Constantly evolving! There is always something new to learn and every new meet is useful.