Dive Neon Lights at Harrah’s Casino


Dive Neon Lights at Harrah's Casino

Tonight we are kicking off the weekend with a party bus from Pacific Beach to Harrah’s Casino to float around and listen to some of the hottest DJs! A party is always better in the water!!

SHARE with us YOUR floating and pool party activities!

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In the spirit of all the fun floating festivities coming up we are throwing a PICTURE AND VIDEO CONTEST and giving away TWO free floats!!

This is the float for the winning video:

video winner

This is the FREE float for the winning Picture!


Send pictures and videos of PEOPLE HAVING FUN ON FLOATS to partyfloats@gmail.com and we will share them on our blog and Facebook page!  Contest is NOW until MAY 24, two weeks before we head to Parker!


I am buying BOTH these floats for my trip to Parker!!

Purchase your floats at partyfloats.com

Cant wait to spread the floating cheer!!  Send me your pictures and videos TODAY!