Dive Neon Lights at Harrah’s Casino


Dive Neon Lights at Harrah's Casino

Tonight we are kicking off the weekend with a party bus from Pacific Beach to Harrah’s Casino to float around and listen to some of the hottest DJs! A party is always better in the water!!

SHARE with us YOUR floating and pool party activities!

And check out our website at partyfloats.com

We’re Going to the Parker Float!

Trip is booked and we are SO excited to be attending the Parker Float this year in arizona! This is the official website to check out details:


The cost is $10 per floater and you can sign up at the above website through the chamber of commerce. They launch from La PAz County Park and end at Blue Water Resort and Casino

We are so excited to have this fantastic house to come home to after a long day of floating to continue the festivities!


This will be our first big social event and we really want to hear from YOU! Are you going? have you been? Photos? Videos? Please share. We will be posting about this a lot in the upcoming months with photo contests and getting people involved and excited about the upcoming festivities!!


2014 River Regatta!


The River Regatta party in Bullhead, NV is a floating epicenter 7 years running. People come out in the thousands armed with their favorite party float and life vest for the 3-4 hour float down the Colorado River.


Every year there is a theme and a contest for the best decorated float! Last year’s theme was Mardigras. Last year the float was in August. The site opens in April and we will be keeping an eye on the development to post you information. Are YOU interested in attending this year’s River Regatta party???

this is the website with will be updating with this year’s event news and links for hotels etc.

Salt River Float

I came across this incredible activity on “Running Through this World” blog at http://runningthroughthisworld.com/2011/06/15/salt-river-float-party-barge-style/

This a floating picnic down the Salt River in Arizona. The blog has great insider suggestions like bringing a sheet to cover the hot black tubes, and this video made by the owners of the snack shop and tube rental place explains how this is all going to go down!


This is a perfect floating activity for individual tubes and group rafts. The group party floats must be deflated, but ARE allowed on the rental buses back to base!

Message me or post pictures if you HAVE attended or WANT TO attend this event! I am working on getting a group out there from California!