New Years Inspiration

Its all about perspective. This year, lets all see things from another angle. Where anything is possible. And Life is beautiful. Need help? Watch this video. This girl will help ANYONE find the beauty in your life and help you figure out “How do I define ME?”

Floatopia Santa Barbara

Floatopia fun originated in 2003 in Santa Barbara, California. The scantily clad college stugents came out in the thousands with floats of all sizes. The attendance was relatively low until 2008 with 100 attendees, then 12,000 in 2009! Blowing away any Floatopia we had here on Mission bay. 2010 and 2011 the beaches were shut down by police on those weekends because of citations, pollution, and injuries.

They always know how to stop a good time. It should be survival of the fittest, let the stupid people knock themselves off:) But alas, we will continue to concoct ways to congregate. Its still always a good idea to get a group of friends together for a private floatopia!

We Made our LOGO!!

Its still a bit of a work in progress, but we think this logo conveys what this website and this company is all about! Party time! Fun in the sun! Its so nice to have something to get excited about on these chilly mornings….my head is BUZZING with the possibilities of trip coordination and brand promotion! Whos comin with me?? email me at if youre ever interested in joining a trip!

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Salt River Float

I came across this incredible activity on “Running Through this World” blog at

This a floating picnic down the Salt River in Arizona. The blog has great insider suggestions like bringing a sheet to cover the hot black tubes, and this video made by the owners of the snack shop and tube rental place explains how this is all going to go down!


This is a perfect floating activity for individual tubes and group rafts. The group party floats must be deflated, but ARE allowed on the rental buses back to base!

Message me or post pictures if you HAVE attended or WANT TO attend this event! I am working on getting a group out there from California!

Cyber MOnday

Cyber Monday is a growing phenomenon. Sales grew 108% to the tune of $2.29 BILLION on Monday alone! And we all know that black Friday and cyber Monday are a week-long ordeal. The appeal of shopping from home, passing on the crowds and parking, and trolling from store to store is irresistible. 17% of the sales were made from MOBILE DEVICES. I find internet surfing on my phone frustrating, but I do make a lot of hand-held Groupon purchases…..
Between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, shoppers who clicked directly from social networks to retailer web sites spent $148 million online alone!

We are in the future ladies and gentleman! Now, go get you a Christmas FLOAT for a loved one and wait for summer to disconnect and get outside at